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USS Savannah (AOR 4)

- decommissioned -

USS SAVANNAH was the fourth WICHITA - class replenishment oiler and the fifth ship in the Navy to bear the name. After serving the fleet for more than 24 years, USS SAVANNAH was decommissioned on July 28, 1995, at Norfolk Naval Base and was stricken from the Navy list on October 29, 1998. Later, SAVANNAH was berthed at the James River Reserve Fleet, Fort Eustis, Va. She was sold for scrapping to Esco Marine, Brownsville, Tx., in January 2009.

General Characteristics:Awarded: July 6, 1966
Keel laid: January 22, 1969
Launched: April 23, 1970
Commissioned: December 5, 1970
Decommissioned: July 28, 1995
Builder: General Dynamics, Quincy, Massachusetts
Propulsion system: Three boilers, steam turbines, two shafts, 32,000 shaft horsepower
Propellers: two
Length: 659 feet (200.86 meters)
Beam: 96 feet (29.3 meters)
Draft: 35 feet (10.7 meters)
Displacement: approx. 40,100 tons full load
Speed: 20 knots
Aircraft: 2 CH-46 Sea Knight Helicopters
Armament: two Phalanx CIWS, one Mk-29 Sea Sparrow Missile Launcher
Crew: 22 officers, 398 enlisted

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Crew List:

This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard USS SAVANNAH. It is no official listing but contains the names of sailors who submitted their information.

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Accidents aboard USS SAVANNAH:

May 9, 1979Caribbean
USS SAVANNAH collides with the USS FORRESTAL (CV 59) after suffering a gyro casualty while servicing the FORRESTAL. Both ships suffer minor damage with no personnel casualties.

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The photo below was taken by Thomas Zera and shows the SAVANNAH at Naval Base Norfolk, Va., in July 1986.

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