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Large Harbor Tugs - YTB

Large Harbor Tugs are designed to maneuver ships, tow barges and submarines in close quarters such as channel operations, harbors, coastal waters, mooring, docking or undocking. They are also equipped to provide harbor fire fighting service.

Natick YTB 760 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
NATICKYTB 760decommissioned
OTTUMWAYTB 761decommissioned
TUSCUMBIAYTB 762decommissioned
MUSKEGONYTB 763Yokosuka, Japan
MISHAWAKAYTB 764decommissioned
OKMULGEEYTB 765decommissioned
WAPAKONETAYTB 766decommissioned
APALACHICOLAYTB 767decommissioned
ARCATAYTB 768decommissioned
CHESANINGYTB 769decommissioned
DAHLONEGAYTB 770decommissioned
KEOKUKYTB 771Portsmouth, NH.
MASCOUTAHYTB 772converted to YTM 760, decommissioned
MENASHAYTB 773converted to YTM 761, decommissioned
NASHUAYTB 774decommissioned
WAUWATOSAYTB 775decommissioned
WEEHAWKENYTB 776decommissioned
NOGALESYTB 777decommissioned
APOPKAYTB 778decommissioned
MANHATTANYTB 779decommissioned
SAUGUSYTB 780decommissioned
NIANTICYTB 781decommissioned
MANISTEEYTB 782Yokosuka, Japan
REDWINGYTB 783decommissioned
KALISPELLYTB 784decommissioned
WINNEMUCCAYTB 785decommissioned
TONKAWAYTB 786decommissioned
KITTANNINGYTB 787Yokosuka, Japan
WAPATOYTB 788decommissioned
TOMAHAWKYTB 789decommissioned
MENOMINEEYTB 790decommissioned
MARINETTEYTB 791decommissioned
ANTIGOYTB 792decommissioned
PIQUAYTB 793decommissioned
MANDANYTB 794decommissioned
KETCHIKANYTB 795decommissioned
SACOYTB 796decommissioned
TAMAQUAYTB 797decommissioned
OPELIKAYTB 798Yokosuka, Japan
NATCHITOCHESYTB 799decommissioned
EUFAULAYTB 800decommissioned
PALATKAYTB 801decommissioned
CHERAWYTB 802decommissioned
NANTICOKEYTB 803decommissioned
AHOSKIEYTB 804decommissioned
OCALAYTB 805decommissioned
TUSKEGEEYTB 806Pearl Harbor, HI.
MASSAPEQUAYTB 807Yokosuka, Japan
WENATCHEEYTB 808Everett, Wash.
AGAWAMYTB 809decommissioned
ANOKAYTB 810decommissioned
HOUMAYTB 811decommissioned
ACCOMACYTB 812Bremerton, Wash.
POUGHKEEPSIEYTB 813decommissioned
WAXAHACHIEYTB 814Pearl Harbor, HI.
NEODESHAYTB 815Pearl Harbor, HI.
CAMPTIYTB 816decommissioned
HYANNISYTB 817decommissioned
MECOSTAYTB 818decommissioned
IUKAYTB 819decommissioned
WANAMASSAYTB 820Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
TONTOGANYYTB 821decommissioned
PAWHUSKAYTB 822decommissioned
CANONCHETYTB 823Bremerton, Wash.
SANTAQUINYTB 824Little Creek, Va.
WATHENAYTB 825decommissioned
WASHTUCNAYTB 826decommissioned
CHETEKYTB 827decommissioned
CATAHECASSAYTB 828Bremerton, Wash.
METACOMYTB 829decommissioned
PUSHMATAHAYTB 830decommissioned
PETALESHAROYTB 832decommissioned
SHABONNEYTB 833decommissioned
NEGWAGONYTB 834decommissioned
SKENANDOAYTB 835Bremerton, Wash.
POKAGONYTB 836Everett, Wash.

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